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(All services listed below are for females only)

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Facial Therapy

Purity Cleanse/Extraction

45 min - $70

The perfect facial to treat teenage acne and adult hormonal breakouts. The deep cleansing treatment with steam softens and opens pores, allowing impurities like blackheads to be removed easily. The soothing clove mask helps heal the skin with its powerful antiseptic qualities.

Signature Facial

60 min - $80

In urgent need of some serious skin care but don't have a lot of cash? This treatment is heavy on results and light on your purse. It's ideal for younger skin suffering from the results of stress and daily pollution. Cleansing and exfoliation will rejuvenate your face, while the customized mask and moisture balance will restore its original glow. Enjoy a face, shoulder, and neck massage to complete your relaxation.

Om Veda Thermal Face Lift

75 min - $95

My most popular facial! A remarkable anti-aging treatment complete with a face, neck, decolletage and scalp massage. The secret to this facial is the heat-producing Thermo-Herbal mask that tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. It is also famous for promoting cell regeneration. Highly recommended for aging, dull-looking skin.

Peptide Power Facial

75 min - $95

A new line of high performance facials that target wrinkles and sun-damaged skin. The cleansing treatment removes the impurities caused by pollution while the peel-off mask soothes and strengths the skin. Natural ingredients like Blue Algae target unwanted lines while Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin C tone and brighten the face, leaving your skin looking plumper and radiant.

The Divine Goddess

75 min - $95

The ultimate gift to your skin. Your journey into wellness begins with a relaxing aromatic cleanse and exfoliation followed by a cooling mask. This treatment is all about technique; the mask is skillfully massaged into your face to promote healing and rejuvenation. Choose between the skin regenerating Vitamin C mask or the Natural Whitening Active mask to brighten your complexion. Those suffering from wrinkles and skin pigmentation will benefit the most.
We Highly recommend papaya enzyme peel with every Facial. It softens comodones, clears, balances and brightens the complexion.

Collagen Facial

75 min - $129

Collagen Facial is 100% top of the treatment range. The Collagen Molecular penetrates into your skin to retard aging, recover loss of firmness/elasticity, evens colour tone & enhances, moisture level, oxygenates, oxidises and protects natural skin collagen.
Amazing results is seen after just one treatment. (Younger & Radiant)
Includes Grape Wine Peel.

Grape Wine Peel

Single - $50 | Course of 6 - $250

For skin requiring deep exfoliation treatment, highly effective for dull, dry damaged or oily, acne-prone skin. Immediate brightening and excellent results for uneven skin tone and loss of radiance.

Add Ons $15

You may choose to add one of the following treatments:
  • Relaxing scalp massage with warm herbal oil.
  • Papaya peel with any facial for a deep cleanse.
  • Eye treatment to remove tension and reduce signs of aging around the eye area.
  • Crystal healing for ultimate relaxation.
  • Extraction to remove blackheads/whiteheads.