About Ayuskaam

Ayuskaam is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning 'wishing for long life and health', and this is the philosophy that has been the guiding light throughout my 20-year career in the wellness industry. It epitomizes my belief that a healthy mind is essential for a healthy body and beautiful skin. More than just a beauty salon, Ayuskaam is a tranquil oasis for your mind, a place of solitude where your body and soul can reconnect away from the stress of everyday life.

The healing hands are the symbol of Ayuskaam, dedicated to restoring harmony and balance.

This holistic approach to beauty starts with the personalized care offered to all my clients. Years of experience have shown me that your skin is as unique as your fingerprint, needing individual care and tailor-made treatment. Before each session it is important to carefully assess the condition of the skin and select the treatment that will bring out its true potential.

I place an uncompromising emphasis on using only high quality herbal products, aromatherapy oils, flower essence-based creams and cleansers made by Australian producers. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body, and like our heart or liver, it responds best to wholesome ingredients. Native wildflowers, organic herbs, plants and naturally occurring minerals and oils from seeds and nuts feature in my Ayurvedic-inspired therapies.
My treatments combine the eastern tradition of natural therapy with the western emphasis on professionalism and results. Unlike other wellness centers, I treat my clients personally to ensure a consistent and impeccable standard of service.

Above all, Ayuskaam is committed to achieving lasting and permanent improvement to your body and skin. My clients are provided with careful advice on how best to manage their skin between treatments, and recommended skin care products that will allow them to take control of their own health.

My beautifully presented Gift Certificates have also been a popular addition to Ayuskaam. They are a thoughtful gift for someone you care for deeply.